when I get up in the morning the first thing I think about is the delicious taste of coffee. I think that coffee is one of the greatest discoveries in the world,  as long as it is used in moderation like everything else. Man, that one cup is sooo satisfying. I want more but I usually never drink more than one cup with organic milk.mmhhh. want one now on this rainy mountain afternoon… but I am not going to because I will be up all night long. anyway you know what is good for you body and what is not, you know when you have had too much or too little of something. well lately the only problem I have been experiencing is bad blood circulation, my mom and dad both are in the same boat. I also have an extremely balanced diet, and take a green multi-vitamin 2 times a day…  sometimes I will wake up with my leg tingling or arm, yes I know sometimes we sleep on the wrong side, but this is a frequent issue. Cayenne pepper and garlic are great for blood circulation, but when I went to edith’s healthfood store in lewisburg, wv, shannon told me about coenzyme Q10. let me just say, if you can fork out 10 bucks a month your health is in good hands my friend. Coenzyme Q10 is a vital molecule, its one of the true cornerstones of health.

Coenzyme is practically a cancer preventative! if you have cancer in your family history, this is for you, seriously. It oxidizes your blood and detoxifies like a mother f*****

this supplement is a miracle worker for to improve energy:inflammation response, antioxidant defense; liver detoxifier; CIRCULATION; Cognition/Nerves; and Immunity

I am not trying to be a sales person on this vitamin but man if you can take something daily that will support all those functions then your for sure extending you life, as long as your eating well tooo! most importantly.