this is one of those lazy morning, french toast and delicious coffee that I wish could last forever but I shallow the cup down within 10 minutes. there is something about weekend mornings, you either feel like your pressured to accomplish the million things you need to do in the weekend, or you have this feeling of openness like you have the decision to do whatever you want today, whenever you want. That freedom of choice is much more powerful than one can imagine. you could be lazy, or you could be mentally productive, or physically productive like cleaning the house, but whatever decision you decide to make accept that and be happy with it. I find myself on Saturday mornings debating whether I am going to yoga… I bounce back and forth in my head should I or should I not go to yoga, I have a million other things I need to do or want to do, but every Saturday I go to yoga; we certainly are creatures of habit. What this means to me is allow some predictability in your relaxation days,settle into it, as well as unpredictability, if you have a favorite morning routine, allow yourself to do it and savor each moment, but in another respect once you have alloted yourself that “you” time, let the unpredictability come in…. go on a hike, bake some bread, plan a trip to south american ( even if you can’t do it for 10 years) just switch it up.

so I am going to yoga this morning- then I am not sure what I am going to do, and thats what is special about weekends.